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Loot Details: Mount

  • Polar bear mount with ride-along baby murloc holding Blizzcon flag
  • Mount speed scales with riding skill
  • Requires minimum level 30 / riding skill 75
  • Counts toward achievements: [Stable Keeper] [Filling Up The Barn] [Leading the Cavalry] [Mountain o' Mounts]
  • Binds to account and can be mailed to other characters on same account (including cross faction) and realm.
  • Redeemable on US/Oceanic and EU realms

Redemption Process:

  1. Convert Blizzcon card code to realm code (Link)
  2. Speak with your faction's Murloc Representative
    • Horde: Zas'Tysh in Orgrimmar
    • Alliance: Ransin Donner in Ironforge
  3. Enter realm code

Card Details: Blizzard Promo

  • 2008 Blizzcon Polar Bear Mount Card
  • Given to 2008 Blizzcon attendees
  • Mailed to Direct TV Blizzcon pay-per-view subscribers


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