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Loot Details: Consumable

  • Each code redeemable for a stack of 100 charges
  • Leaves a wake of brightly colored flowers in the player's path
  • Similar to [Path of Illidan]
  • Useable at any level
  • Redeemable on US/Oceanic and EU realms

Redemption Process: Full Instructions

  1. Convert WootLoots code to realm code (Link)
  2. Head to Booty Bay and speak with Landro Longshot
  3. Select Fields of Honor - Path of Cenarius from Landro's list
  4. Enter realm code

TCG Card Details:

  • Card: Path of Cenarius (HONOR LOOT 1/3)
  • Odds: 1/11 booster packs
  • Set: Fields of Honor
  • Released: June 2009
  • Manufacturer: Upper Deck


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